Anonymous asked: A very sexy tattoo and those heels unf! I especially like how your legs are bound. Do you have more sexy heels we could see you in? You could make my day like you did pretty girl's ;)



You do know how much I enjoy legs don’t you my dear.

Stunning and very sexy. I agree with the anon.

myopulentlife-deactivated201405 asked: How do you feel about a blonde kitten? *bagging eyelashes*

That would be new and interesting My Dear. I see you may go blonde. I can’t wait to see.

myopulentlife-deactivated201405 asked: Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrr... Cuddles! I need cuddles... *pout*

Get your sick butt in bed and use my body heat My Dear. You need to be taken care of.


My version of medicine ;)

Good choice. Except Texans don’t know how to make a proper old fashioned.